President's Address

“Praesent mauris. Fusce nec tellus sed augue semper porta. Mauris massa vestil bulum lacinia arcu eget nulla. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per mauris fusce conubia nostra.”

How Alumni Support the Club

Financial Donations

As we all know too well, fencing isn't a cheap sport. Your contributions go a long way in making the sport as accessible as possible.​


The Alumni Board was established to help structure the support which past members wish to give to the club. Interested in becoming more involved? Contact the Alumni Board today!​


From leading training sessions to giving guidance to individual athletes, you can make a huge difference by mentoring our rising stars.​

Alumni Newsletter and Social Media

Never miss a touch by signing up! Stay up to date with important news and events from the Club. 

Current Alumni Projects

Website Setup
Funded! 100%
Club Equipment Drive
3 Months Remaining 75%
Coaching Fund
6 Months Remaining 20%

Ready to Support your Club? While we set up an online payment system, please contact the Alumni Board Honourary Treasurer, David Barker, for details.

Plant trees whose shade you might never sit in

Above all else, the desire for all club members is to make fencing in Trinity a more accessible, competitive, and enjoyable experience. As a supporter of the Club, you are just as much part of our victories as each individual athlete; by donating you allow our athletes to pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential and enable Trinity Fencing to pursue greater goals.

Professor Patrick Duffy, Maître D’armes 1952 – 1987

As we formalise our donation system, the names of those who have generously and selflessly supported the club will be honoured on this page.